As a federally licensed firearms dealer, we can facilitate both private and dealer transfers. As of July 1st 2019 the transfer fees are $32.00 for the first firearm, $10.00 each additional long gun (excluding Semi-auto rifles), $15.00 each additional handgun or semi-auto rifle. A state fee of $18.00 will be collected for each semi-auto rifle. All firearms not picked-up within 90 days of arrival will incur a $25 per month storage fee, all firearms no picked-up within 180 days of arrival will be forfeit. We collect 8.4% Washington state sales tax on the purchase price of the firearm as well as tax on shipping and handling fees, received from out of state dealers.

See RCW 82.12.040(1) No tax on private transfers.

An appointment must be made for all transfers.

A $32 fee will be charges for all appointment no-shows and cancellations less that 2 hours before.

Additional $75 fee for transfers to California or pickups from evidence room.


We are registered with many online firearms retailers including but not limited to:


Buds Gun Shop

Cheaper Than Dirt

Gun Broker

Rock City Guns

Smokey Mt. Gun shop

Schuyler Defense

Rainier Arms


Palmetto State Armory

Grice Wholesale


Classic Firearms


Reeds Family Outdoor


Atlantic Firearms

Grab A Gun

Auction Arms

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Dzuro's Guns

Bill Hicks

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